Maximum Cruise Speed Sea Level - 195 knots
15,000 ft. - 215 knots
  Service Ceiling: Estimated - 25,000 feet
  Rate of Climb: Sea Level - 2,100 fpm

Range Performance:

  VFR Range with max Fuel & Passenger Load: Goal is 1,000 mi. however actual range will
depend on final fuel tank configuration.
  * Note: We do not trade off fuel load for passengers

Takeoff & Landing Performance:

  T/O Distance at Max Takeoff Weight: (5,600 #)
  Water: 1,200 ft. (estimated)
  Land: 960 ft.
  50 ft Obstacle: 1,300 ft.


  Empty Weight: 3,600 pounds (prototype – production will be lighter)
  Gross Weight: 5,600 pounds
  Useful Load: 2,000 pounds
  Wing Loading: 19.8 psf

External Aircraft Dimensions:

  Height on Wheels: 12.3 feet
  Length – Nose to Tail: 43.0 feet
  Wing Span: 42.9 feet

Internal Cabin Dimensions:

  Internal Length from nose bulkhead to aft cabin: 13.2 feet
  Cabin width at shoulder height while seated: 4.1 feet (net internal)


  Typical Crew: 1 Pilot
  Passengers: Five to six (aft seat is bench – might hold three across)

Power Plant:

  Walter 601 Turbine
724 SHP / 657 SHP continuous

NOTE: All numbers are computed performance numbers and will be verified during actual Flight Testing

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