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Update from the President
Date: 6-22-2016
Good news! I visited PRIVATEERTM in Titusville, Florida (TIX) last week to get a first hand accounting of our progress toward first flight.

Carl will finish the comprehensive instrument panel this week. He is adding a battery powered back-up instrument for emergency spatial orientation. All panel engine controls are now ready for the first flight. I was on hand for the initial power up (see Gallery).

Antennas have been installed for communications, GPS, and transponder.

Christian and Rob are preparing the engine, and related accessories, for engine run up and testing. Should be started within the next three or four days.

We have started the process for establishing an "N Number", also necessary prior to first flight. We will start in the experimental category.

It appears that there may be an extended wait for the MT propeller, as it is being manufactured in Germany. All systems will be "go" prior to installation of the propeller.

Stay tuned.
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