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Update from the President
Date: 6-6-2016
Good news, we are again on the road to completing PRIVATEERTM and first flight is imminent.

It is hard to believe that we are completing a project started in February 2007 with the good offices of Bill Husa, Boeing Engineer who worked on the space shuttle, among other things, and Robert Gornstein, designer of the first high speed ferry in Hawaii.

While Bill was design/build, Robert designed the hulls, and we now have four patents for PRIVATEERTM.

The original design/build team is deceased, and we have relocated to Titusville, FL, from Seattle, WA, to complete the effort. We are fortunate in that Titusville has 7,300 ft. runway.

Christian Skoppe, of Turbine Solutions Group, Inc., is the new point man, and we are fortunate to add Rob Lueck to the mix, as he has been hands-on with PRIVATEERTM, which means that many steps will not have to be repeated.

Carl has largely completed the panel; batteries are now connected for engine start, and antennas, pitot, and other feeds are being tied into the panel.

I am greatly appreciative of all of the cooperation exhibited by the Titusville Airport community.

Stay tuned.
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