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Update from the President
Date: 3-11-2016
Construction of PRIVATEERTM was halted at the end of July last year. We are currently getting ready to relocate and restart fabrication on the Titusville Airport.

Accordingly, PRIVATEERTM is seeking a finisher for the project and would like to make the first flight there as they have a runway that is 7,319 feet.

PRIVATEERTM was not far from first flight when we curtailed the mission last July.

We have had recent overtures to provide aircraft for a dozen or more countries, including Canada, Brazil, Great Britain, France, Indonesia, China, Chile, Dominican Republic, and others, so we need to start an immediate marketing program following first flight in order to satisfy demand.

We would be willing to joint venture certification and subsequent production of the PRIVATEERTM Amphibian with those having production capabilities.

Stay tuned.
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