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Update from the President
Date: 8-8-2014
My most recent inspection visit to CompAir in Titusville included a layover at ORL (Showalter) in order that passenger Kent Ewing could inspect a Baron for possible purchase. Kent and I had flown for ten hours together while transitioning from my Bonanza (N15GM) to a 350 Columbia (845LL). Kent also recently functioned as a check-ride instructor in order for Ron Lueck (CompAir President & CEO) to relocate N15GM to Titusville.

Great trip! CompAir remains on target to fly the PRIVATEERTM prototype this year, and I think Kent agreed as a result of his inspection to purchase the Baron for his personal use.

More importantly, Kent has tentatively agreed to work with us to market
PRIVATEERTM . Kent is ideally suited for promoting the PRIVATEERTM amphibian in that he was, and is, a part of the ECLIPSE marketing effort. Kent Ewing is ideal in that he is working with Textron and Beech aircraft, and is one of the better known figures in modern aviation.
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