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Update from the President
Date: 7-23-2014

After my most recent visit to Comp Air at Titusville (TIX), I am pleased to offer the following progress report on completion of PRIVATEER: Comp Air continues to meet milestones with regularity.

Counterweights have been added inside the airfoil to both elevator and ailerons to counteract flutter. Rudder cabling has been completed and vertical stabilizers will be hardened into place this week. Note that this process was somewhat time-consuming in that the plane was originally configured for "fly-by-wire". Fuel tanks are now in place along with associated vents and gauges. Note that PRIVATEER incorporates a "wet wing design". Work continues on the instrument panel, Garmin radios have been ordered. Note that all instruments will be Garmin.

Comp Air has hired a new engineer who is working on the aircraft hydraulics, starting with brakes. He is Mr. Gene Heagney; formerly with Johnson Controls.

Diemech Corp. will be called at the appropriate time to install the Walter 601 Turbine, note that Walter prepped this engine and prepared all of the accessories working with partner Frank Leventhal some time ago, so that installation time should be minimal.

Ron Lueck has selected a propeller and has begun engineering on the shroud/propeller assembly.

Ron has indicated that there are several areas where we can achieve a weight savings in PRIVATEER after the first flight of the prototype, scheduled for year end.

Comp Air continues to excel in the completion of PRIVATEER using skills honed by years of manufacturing experience in the field of aviation.

As the first flight of PRIVATEER approaches, we are making plans for marketing, producing, and financing the worlds newest amphibian (first sizeable amphibian since WWII).

There has been tremendous enthusiasm for this aircraft and I expect demand to exceed our initial production capabilities. Accordingly, we will probably seek to joint venture or partner with others. Stay tuned -


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