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Update from the President
Date: 4-14-2014
With the addition of six new cylinders on the Bonanza, compliments of my mechanic friend, Nate Steigenga, I was finally able to visit PRIVATEERTM at Titusville (TIX).

Another signal moment in my life.  I do not know why I did not realize PRIVATEERTM would be such a large aircraft.  Quite a moment to see PRIVATEERTM in its final embodiment.  PRIVATEERTM IS SPECTACULAR!

Comp Air has, once again, exceeded my expectations, and PRIVATEERTM is coming together nicely.

I have updated the gallery with photos taken Saturday (4/12/14).

It is obvious that Comp Air will fly PRIVATEERTM this year and so it is time for me to go to work to arrange financing for initial production.

Because demand for this aircraft will exceed our production ability, I am considering licensing or joint venturing with others in the United States and overseas.

We have had overtures from the Caribbean, Alaska, Europe and, of course, several from the Far East.

Because Comp Air continues to finish construction of PRIVATEERTM faster than projected, I will update the website on a monthly basis.

Stay tuned -

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