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Update from the President
Date: 3-4-2014
Attempted a visit to Titusville to see the progress on PRIVATEERTM.  Engine started running rough so I left the plane in Mt. Pleasant (LRO) and returned to Myrtle Beach.  Came home to Virginia Beach (5 hrs. 40 mins.) by ground transportation.  My mechanic friend, Nate, will try and fly from PVG to LRO, this week, to try and correct the engine problem.

I asked Bill Fedorko to please send me photos showing what I would have seen of PRIVATEERTM in Titusville.

All I can say is spectacular, I have waited for 7 years to see PRIVATEERTM assembled (see photo gallery - fuselage lift).

Comp Air has again, exceeded expectations.

We are on a roll.

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