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Update from the President
Date: 12-30-2013
Good news!  In my last update (9-24-13), we were on the hunt for a team to work with who has "been there, done that."

I am happy to announce that we have done that in a big way.  Things are happening fast.

Since formalizing a joint-venture earlier this month with Comp Air Aviation, the entire PRIVATEERTM project has been relocated to Titusville, FL, where it will be completed (see photo gallery).

Comp Air Aviation is one of the oldest kit manufacturers in the world and they are currently working on the FAA certification process with the Comp Air 12 and Comp Air 9 aircraft.  Over 23-years of experience producing hundreds of innovative aircraft (over 200 with turboprop engines), which embody modern construction techniques, advanced avionics installations, and adoptions to special operations.

Ron Lueck, President and CEO of Comp Air Aviation, has a history of designing an amphibian, piston powered, kit aircraft, called the Air Shark.  In fact, the Air Shark holds a closed course speed record to date.

Stay tuned,

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