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Update from the President
Date: 9-24-2013
With the passing of our design/build engineer, Bill Husa, I have allowed the PRIVATEERTM project to remain fallow while searching for a path to continue the enterprise.

As we are presently finishing up a construction project, I have had time to reflect and have decided to restart PRIVATEERTM.

We have fought the good fight, to date, and have the most difficult work behind us.  It remains to complete the assembly of the aircraft (would have been done a year ago had Bill stayed with us).

To complete the project, we need to instrument the aircraft (glass cockpit), a hydraulic system must be implemented, and the fly-by-wire control system needs to be installed.  We also need a new nose gear assembly, a new intake nacelle, and a prop with associated duct.

It strikes me that we have come too far in this program to let others have first flight.

Accordingly, I have just returned from a trip to Snohomish and visited the hangar, home of PRIVATEERTM.  It was my pleasure to meet with Scott Szuhay, Pat Floyd, and Shanaka Ranatunga, who will become part of the new nucleus for completion of the amphibian.

Scott Szuhay is a very talented young aeronautical engineer.  He is an enthusiastic young man and is capable of functioning as my surrogate in many instances.  As I typically have too many irons in the fire at one time, this will be a relief for me.

Pat Floyd worked with Bill Husa at Boeing and has, also, worked "hands on" with PRIVATEERTM.  Pat has indicated to me that he is willing to be of service in completing the amphibian.  He is one of the major factors in my decision to complete the project.

Shanaka Ranatunga is, also, a graduate of Embrey-Riddle Aeronautical University, along with Scott, and shares his appreciation for leading-edge aviation.

These three friends will help me coordinate and find the talent I need to finalize PRIVATEERTM.

It remains for me to find a capable manager for finishing the new amphibian.  I need to find someone who has completed an aviation new design so that we can streamline the project and move it along quickly.  In other words, he will have "been there, done that."

I enjoyed my brief stay in Seattle and am grateful for the many kindnesses shown to me.

Special thanks to Corine Kingry, server at The Woodmark Hotel, who served laughter with meals.

Stay tuned -

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