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Important August Update from the President
Date: 8-23-2011

The first public showing for PRIVATEER will be the rollout in Washington State.  Following the rollout and initial prototype testing, PRIVATEER will be flowin in to a water landing at both Lakeland and OSHKOSH.

Recent progress has been better than expected as Bill will be working full time now on PRIVATEER.  Bill has now finished installing both door frames in the fuselage.  Note that the fuselage floor is complete as are all of the bulkheads including the spar carry-thru bulkhead so that we are ready to install the wings.  The engine mount/cage is complete and the engine is on hand and ready to be installed as soon as we finish the fuselage.  The windshield should be complete within the next week or 10 days and side windows are ready for installation.  Bill has selected a propeller and completed the design for the propeller shroud.  Landing gear has been completed for both water hulls and fuselage.  The surface control system nears completion and, fortunately, most of the control units can be purchased "off the shelf."  Fuel bladders have not been manufactured yet but we know what their dimensions are and so I do not think that will hold us up.  Fuel will be located in the wing leading edges, and will be inboard of and above the hulls.

As we are in our 5th year of construction, it is gratifying to have reached the final assembly phase.

PRIVATEER has been built out-of-pocket to date.  All of the major parts have been built and paid for so that we have an idea of what total costs will be.

Expenses are within projected numbers and are minimal as a result of the time tradeoff.

As we have begun discussion with the Navy regarding providing aircraft prior to certification, the possibility of early production exists.

It has become obvious that the most efficient way to see PRIVATEER come to fruition is to join with an existing manufacturer.


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