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January 23-26, 2012, Progress Report
Date: 1-30-2012

On our most recent pilgrimage to Seattle, to gauge the progress of PRIVATEER, we were visited by both Ben Sclair, Publisher of GA News, Phil Tomek, Economic Analyst, and Peter Campbell, Investment Counselor Group Manager, of Fisher Investment Company.

 An impressive amount of work has been accomplished over the last year.  All major sub- assemblies are complete and Bill says that we should be in the taxiing/testing phase by the end of summer.

As this was the first showing of PRIVATEER for the general public, we were very pleased that Mr. Sclair, Publisher of General Aviation News, would be on hand to make a first reporting.  He indicated that we would be included in a subsequent newspaper issue.  I think Ben was pleased to find a budding major addition to the general aviation inventory.

We were also fortunate to have Phil Tomek and Peter Campbell of Fisher Investment Company on board for this event.  I was impressed that Ken Fisher would send two powerhouse members of his staff.

I have worked with Ken Fisher Investments for a good number of years and it was a real pleasure to put faces and names together.  It was rewarding to have lunch with instant access to the top investment thinking in the country.

The next milestone for PRIVATEER will be the rollout, which should be concurrent with  taxi testing in late summer.

In the interim, I will look for a joint venture partner in order to start certification.

Certification of PRIVATEER is expected to be accomplished by John Tomblin, Executive Director, National Institute for Aviation Research, Wichita, KS.


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