John Meekins:
Chairman & CEO
757-857-7273    |

Bill Husa:
Chief Engineer

Frank Leventhal:
Promotions / Sales

Azucena (Suzana) Infante:
Project Manager

In addition to being an Industrial Real Estate developer, Pilot, Entrepreneur and Inventor, John Meekins wanted to purchase a seaplane that he could safely use to carry his family and friends to and from his waterfront property. After test flying several seaplanes, John decided they each had their own safety or performance issues.

A short time later, John decided to design a modern amphibian that could carry 5–6 passengers, incorporate modern design ideas and be safe for his family. He started sketching and came up with a design that he was sure would be the answer. John sent the drawings to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and had them evaluate his design. They returned a positive report on his amphibian.  Next, John wanted to have a proof of concept prototype built but needed to find someone to build it.

Frank Leventhal, a long time friend and 14,000-hour Professional Pilot was tasked to find a builder. While on a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona, Frank found an article about Bill Husa, a talented Configuration & Structures Engineer who was looking to build a custom aircraft. After a 2-hour conference call with Bill, John was so impressed that he retained Bill for the prototype.

Bill made suggestions to improve the aircraft and PRIVATEER™ evolved to the design that you see today. The prototype is nearing completion and we will soon begin flight testing and subsequent certification phases.

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